Attendance of the FIBA First Basketball World Summit by PraeLegal Uzbekistan Lawyer

FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, is the world governing body of basketball, which was founded in 1932. It is an association formed by 213 National Basketball Federations from all over the world. FIBA organizes and oversees international competitions that include the FIBA Basketball World Cup, the Olympic Basketball Tournament, and 3×3 basketball and establishes the official basketball rules as well as the regulations that govern the relationships between the different members of the basketball community.

The first FIBA World Basketball Summit organized by FIBA took place in Xi’an, China, on October 3-4. It was a gathering of stakeholders from across the globe setting out to discuss and build the basketball’s future. It was the first individual sport summit of its kind and marked a significant milestone in the history of basketball’s development, reflecting both the global popularity and maturity of the game.

The head of Sports Law Practice Group of PraeLegal Uzbekistan, Firdavs Kabilov, who is also a Vice-President of the Basketball Federation of Uzbekistan, attended the said summit. As a vice-president of the Basketball Federation, he is in charge of the Federation’s international relations and legal affairs. During the Summit, F. Kabilov took part in open discussions with the administration of FIBA and other participating parties. “We have had excellent talks with the senior administration of FIBA, NBA, Molten Corporation, and UNESCO on building partnership for further development of the game in Uzbekistan, including involvement of the NBA’s junior programme in our schools”, says Firdavs Kabilov.