Conference 2019 on оpportunities for the enhancement of cooperation among members of PraeLegal International

International Hotel Tashkent

November 2019

The second year in a row, PraeLegal Uzbekistan Law Firm gathered the partners and senior lawyers of the member and branch offices of PraeLegal International Network in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and organized a series of networking events. The strong wish and desire of the team of PraeLegal Uzbekistan to promote cooperation and collaboration among the member and branch offices of the Network were the main reasons for these events to be organized. One of such important networking events was the international conference specially organized in order to discuss “The Prospects of Cooperation in Law and Business”, which was held on November 16, 2019 in Conference-Hall “Samarkand” of Tashkent International Hotel. The member and branch offices from such countries as the UAE, Russian Federation, France, Afghanistan, Senegal, China, and Hong Kong, S.A.R. attended the Conference and discussed the potential projects and cases, in which cooperation was possible. The Conference was also marked with participation of the representatives of the Prosecutor General’s Office and Bar Association of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who also contributed to the live discussion at the Conference and expressed their opinions concerning the positive outcomes of the cooperation. These series of events did not only enable the member and branch offices of PraeLegal International to explore the opportunities for cooperation, but also they served as a platform for all participants to develop close partnership relations.