Uzbekistan Supported the 10-Year Action Program of OIC on Science and Technology

Uzbekistan fully supports the 10-year Action Program of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for 2016-2025 in this area and its priority areas. At the same time, in his speech at the first summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation on Science and Technology, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev stated that he considered it important to pay attention to the following tasks.

“First, these are issues related to global climate change. In most regions of the world, the processes of soil degradation, shrinking of cultivated land, desertification, increasing droughts, and the scarcity of water necessary for agriculture and the population have become a serious problem.

These challenges are of particular relevance for our region in connection with the environmental disaster in the Aral Sea area. We offer cooperation in the development of the concept of ‘personalized agriculture.’ This concept implies the choice of a specific genotype of crops, taking into account its response to a specific environment, soil, fertilizer, water and biological stimulants.

Second, we consider it necessary to establish integration cooperation between science, education and production.
In this regard, we express support for the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on the infrastructural integration of Muslim countries in order to ensure sustainable and inclusive economic growth, and strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation.
Third. In accordance with the recommendation of the above-mentioned OIC Standing Committee on the establishment of six high-performance computer centers on the territory of OIC member countries, we want to confirm our readiness to host one of such centers in Uzbekistan.

We propose to create an International Islamic Center for Young Scientists, which will become a platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge, as well as conducting joint research.

Fourth. We propose to organize in Uzbekistan with the assistance of the OIC Standing Committee an international Olympiad of young mathematicians dedicated to the great Al-Khorazmiy.

Fifth. It would be expedient to establish a special award of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation for scientific achievements in the countries of the Islamic world, as well as their promotion in the international arena.

Sixth. Of particular relevance for all of us is the widespread use of alternative energy sources. In this regard, we express our readiness to implement relevant research and experimental and innovative projects, including on the basis of joint investments.

Seventh. Taking into account the importance of scientific and technical progress for sustainable economic development and ensuring a decent standard of living for the population of our countries, I propose holding the OIC Summit on Science and Technologies every three years, and if we support this proposal, we are ready to hold the next summit in 2020 in Uzbekistan,” said the head of state.
It was decided that the second summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on science and technology will be held in Uzbekistan.

“We welcome the proposal of the Government of Uzbekistan to host the second OIC summit on science and technology in Uzbekistan. We authorize the OIC and COMCEC General Secretariat to begin with the government of Uzbekistan the necessary preparations for the second OIC summit on science and technology in Uzbekistan”, states the declaration adopted at the end of the first OIC summit on science and technology in Astana.