PraeLegal S. Korea

PraeLegal S. Korea

PraeLegal S. Korea was founded in 2015 by a professional team in Seoul, one of the world’s largest economies. PraeLegal S. Korea serves customers in four different departments: legal counseling, investment and business consulting, health tourism and education consulting. It has an important position for Korean businessmen and companies, working as an international legal and investment adviser for many industry and trade chambers located in Korea.

PraeLegal S. Korea conducts an analysis of the current situation by listening to the customer first, with a working style that keeps customer interests and priorities in the foreground. The ability of the Client to move in the right market and with the right strategy depends on a good analysis of the current situation. PraeLegal S. Korea consultants are positioned as strategic consultants for companies’ business viability, and they are also targeting operational excellence with their long-term strategic objectives. PraeLegal S. Korea philosophy is based on global reach, regional expertise and local practices. With our speed, flexibility and productivity in our partnership model, we are able to position our customers as a global company in the right market.

Telephone   : +82 2 554 1981
Fax                : +82 2 564 1981
E-Mail           : info@praelegal.de
Web Site      : www.praelegal.de
Address       : Gangnam-gu Yeoksam-dong No : 837-11 / 2005 Union Center, Seoul, S.Korea