Capital markets

Capital markets law, being a field of practice for lawyers who represent organizations issuing securities to raise capital, owners of securities seeking to sell their securities, or banks and investment banks that sign and sell such securities, require lawyers to work primarily with operations related to the issuance of debt or equity securities, either for the public or for a group of investors. Capital market practice is closely linked to derivatives and financial regulation.

Our dedicated lawyers in the capital markets conduct an examination of the issuer of securities, develop a prospectus and other disclosing documents describing the issuer and its securities for potential investors, discuss agreements between the issuer and its consultants and conduct transactions through regulatory barriers. We grant effective advice on disclosure, thanks to such opportunities provided by our international Law firm as effective advice on disclosure requires extensive experience working with issuers who have faced difficult disclosure issues, as well as the ability to contact lawyers in other areas of practice to help analyze client issues that require specialized knowledge.