Corporate law

A truly outstanding corporate lawyer must be a trusted advisor and an outstanding dealmaker. PraeLegal Uzbekistan’s corporate law department understands this dual responsibility better than others and has the requisite skills to excel in both abovementioned roles. We advise individuals, family businesses, public and private companies, government entities, corporate boards and committees, directors and officers, investors and investment funds, nonprofit organizations and trade associations in a wide range of industries. Additionally, PraeLegal Uzbekistan`s 15 years of experience in business registration differentiate from other law firms by its uniqueness and, therefore, presents an effective opportunity for new clients.


  • Private capital raisings
  • Advising on corporate governance issues
  • Dealing with shareholders, fiduciary duties, organizational structure
  • Optimization of financial and economic activities
  • Obtaining a business licenses

Dealing with securities and investment strategies, and other related services.