Mergers and acquisitions

The members of PraeLegal, mobilizing a coordinated, integrated, effective team can help you develop innovative, integrated, commercially oriented solutions for complex business tasks to get the most out of your transaction. Our experiences legal experts may represent any sides in transactions of all sizes. After the process, our clients will be provided by a clean transaction, legally binding agreement, and the terms that are clear to all parties involved. Moreover, M&A attornes of our law firm ensures that our clients received a fair deal in the negotiations.


  • Maintenance and implementation of mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis of transaction structure, contracts, financing, regulatory approval and valuation
  • Draft and file paperwork to legally bind the transaction
  • Negotiations over terms and payment
  • Analysis of potential claims and litigation that could affect the transaction
  • Advisory services on corporate restructuring, share buybacks, creation or dissolution of a new legal entity and acquisition.
  • Due Diligence and risk identification.
  • Consideration and determination of obligations and issues related to public works and government contracts that may be included in the acquisition.
  • Representation of interests of majority and minority shareholders in M&A
  • Representation of interests of companies in M&A transactions to acquiring organizations.