Sports Law

PraeLegal Uzbekistan is the first full profile major law firm in the country to introduce specifically designated practice for sports. Supported by the strong corporate, commercial, and litigation teams, PraeLegal’s Sports Law Practice provides full-fledged legal and business consultancy services to athletes, sporting clubs, sports governing bodies (federations and associations) and corporate and non-commercial entities involved in sporting activities. Our sports litigation practice includes comprehensive legal services for Clients involved in all aspects of sporting disputes, including labour disputes, disciplinary offences, and anti-doping rule violations, media rights, and insurance claims.

As Uzbekistan is going through the era of rapid economic, social, and legal reforms, sports, as ever growing business with a significant social value, requires a tailored approach and we are ready to be your partner in and off the game.

Our Sports Law Practice in the context:

  • Litigation and arbitrations (disciplinary offences and anti-doping rule allegations);
  • Law of federations and associations;
  • Sports-related financial transactions, including venue-construction financings, franchise acquisitions, and other corporate matters;
  • Marketing, promotions, sports sponsorship, media, and other intellectual property matters;
  • Sports insurance and medical malpractices;
  • Brand protection and transnational business strategy for professional athlete clients in all of their personal, professional, and social endeavors, including endorsement, social media, trademark, corporate, real-estates, tax, and litigation matters.