About us

If you choose PraeLegal Uzbekistan – you choose reliable partner and experienced professionals in the different areas of law. We are one of the fewest Uzbek international law firms that has profound experience in the international litigation and arbitration.

Litigation team of PraeLegal Uzbekistan is famous within the country as well as outside it. Our lawyers have been participating in numerous international trials and arbitrations.

Our law firm is one of the biggest in Uzbekistan. Our lawyers have a broad knowledge of various international laws and legislations as we have had numerous trials between countries.

You choose PraeLegal – you choose the best!

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PraeLegal Banner Photo
Our Strength
We offer services of superb quality based on our accumulated extensive and profound knowledge and experience. We know how to proceed with our business, absorbing all best practices in the world as our own while respecting locally prevailing value systems.
Attention to Details
Our lawyers can pick up on small things in both written documents and when people are verbally communicating since allowing a small error to slip through can change the meaning of a contract, causing a lot of problems.
Client Service
Honestly and responsibly serving a client is crucial to success in the client-focused legal industry. Our professionals master client development skills as well as customer service skills.
The Experience to Win
We have experienced being both on the plaintiff and defendant sides in different cases so we have analyzed all sides of a legal issue.
An Entrepreneurial Instinct
Business models are changing and developing more towards improving the entrepreneurial side of law firms. Our lawyers are inquisitive and they always look out for new opportunities and chances to make business.
Our lawyers master teamwork skills including collaborating with others to reach common goals, as well as coordinating and sharing information and knowledge, team up with co-counsel, experts, and vendors to deliver services.

Operating worldwide

PraeLegal has 11 branch offices worldwide: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, DR of Congo, Germany, Iran, Macedonia, Mali, South Korea, Turkey, Russia and Uzbekistan.

All member Law and Consulting Firms are visited and appraised in person by PraeLegal based on a list of stringent criteria. Upon stringent selection as one of the knowledgeable, client focused and respectable Law and Consulting Firms in their jurisdictions, PraeLegal then accepts the Law and Consulting Firm as a new member of its network. Additionally, we have more than 132 offices in different countries of the world.

Our team

The PraeLegal Uzbekistan team consists more than 30 professionals each in their field of expertise.
Our lawyers have many years of experience in various practices and jurisdictions. This list only represents our partners, heads and supervisors of departments. We also have many junior associates, clerks, interns and paralegals that are not included in the given list.
Heads of Departments
Rising stars